Hi! We are Agota & Vytautas,
a couple from Lithuania 
traveling around Europe in our van.

Agota Balnione

I am a photographer, blogger and an outdoors enthusiast, who loves to travel. I come from Lithuania. Grew up in Sweden. Studied in the UK and Australia. Living in an international setting I have always loved traveling and learning new cultures. On my free time you’ll find me lost in nature, either hiking, camping, swimming or just taking photos. That’s where I feel most alive!

Vytautas Balnionis
Vytautas (Vyte)

Love the outdoors, love the indoors. Not much of a people person but love the company of good friends. Prefer nature over city any time of the day. Hobbies include hiking, cooking (as well as eating) and Magic: The Gathering. Currently working in the log house industry.

Our story

We both come from the same hometown, Panevėžys, Lithuania. We met in our teenage years. 10 years later here we are, sitting in our van, exploring the world together.

We’ve been through a lot together. Distance relationship for a couple of years which lead us to traveling to many places together. It started with weekend trips to various European cities. Later on a road trip around Australia for a month. And now a 5 month long road trip around Europe in our self converted van.

When living in Sweden we both discovered how much we love spending time in nature. Especially during the pandemic back in 2020. That was when we spent almost all of our weekends in nature either hiking, camping or just going for walks. And this lead us to buying our own van! Hoping we can explore even more beautiful places around the world.

Our travel companion Appa the van

We bought our van back in October 2020. During the spring and summer of 2021 we decided to convert it into a little home on wheels. When building our van we got a lot of help from family and friends. A special thanks to Agota’s dad. Couldn’t have done it without him! 

In beginning of September 2021 we finally started our trip around Europe. Of course we have to show our new family member (Appa the van) all the beautiful places in Europe!

In this blog and on our social media accounts we will share our travels and we can’t wait to share everything with all of you!