Camping in Poland

Poland is a very beautiful country full of nature, whether it’s the seaside or mountains, you will find a bit of everything. It seems like a perfect country for camping. Maybe a great country for vanlife?

Can you wild camp in Poland?

Wild camping in Poland unfortunately is not legal. However, if you respect the nature, and leave it as you found it, you can still do it. We found that many locals would camp or sleep in their vehicles in the natural areas, such as forests or by the lakes. It is more strict in the nature reserves or in the coastal areas, I would avoid the touristy places. It is however legal to sleep in your vehicle to restore your driving ability. So if you don’t take out your chairs or tables you should be fine to spend the night in your van.

If you do decide to wild camp, please clean up after yourself! In all of the places we stayed in Poland, there was so much trash in nature. Very sad to see that some people still leave so much trace after themselves. Let’s take care of the environment so we can all enjoy it.

We camped at this beautiful place by a lake for a few nights. One the mornings the most beautiful fog greeted us.

Finding places to camp in Poland

While some people like to camp in luxurious campsites, others prefer camping in the wilderness. Me and Vyte are people who would prefer to stay in nature, further from others. We haven’t stayed at any campsite in Poland, so I cannot say much about them, but reading reviews always helps.

We spent about two weeks wild camping in Poland. And during those two weeks we have mostly stayed by the lakes or in forests. It was beginning of September so it was not too crowded but also we were not alone in most of the places. We found most of the places on Park4night app. To be honest that’s the app we use whenever we look for a place to stay!

We met two vanlifers at Zalany kamieniołom w Głuszycy Górnej. We had a little discussion about finding the best locations to camp in Poland. They found this place just by browsing on google maps. Whereas we found it on Park4night.

You can check my post Finding best spots to park your van for more detail information.

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