6 useful apps for vanlife

It’s not an understatement that travelling in a van is one of the best experiences you can have. Having the right apps makes it even better! Below I’ve listed 6 useful apps for vanlife.


I’m sure you’ve already heard of this app. It’s one of the most used app by vanlifers and nomads on the road.

Park4night allows you to find parking places where you can spend the night. You can choose yourself if you prefer it to be in a city parking lot, or a place surrounded by nature, or even find a campsite or a motorhome area.

This app search engine allows you to select whatever you are looking for. You can filter by types of places, nearby services, activities near by, height of your vehicle, or even extra services which includes finding drinking water or laundry places. It makes it so easy to find a place according to your own needs. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is planning to go on a road trip! Read more about finding the best spots to park your van here.


Finding hiking trails can be quite hard. I love this app because it makes it much easier! You can even create your own hiking trail and share it with others. This app is not only for hiking, you can use it for mountain biking, running, mountaineering, and any other outdoors sports.

Try Komoot yourself!

Google Maps

This one should probably be on the top of the list as it is the app we use every day! Not only for navigating. We use Google Maps for finding locations and national parks around the areas where we are. Love just browsing through it and searching for a place to see next.


Another navigation app that you can use for finding hiking trails. What I love about Maps.me is that you can download the maps of any country or area. That way when you don’t have any service on your phone you can still use the maps to navigate and find your way.

Re-open EU

This app allows you to follow up on the Covid situation in all the European countries. We haven’t used Reopen-EU much ourselves much. But it’s still very good to have in case you want an update for a certain country quickly.


In this app you can find environmental zones around Europe as well as the country’s CO2 status. It also helps you see which places your vehicle is allowed to enter and whether you need a bagde to enter this area or not.

When entering Berlin we found out that there are green environmental zones in the city (and some other places in Germany). These zones only allow certified vehicles to enter the zone. Which meant you either need to get the green sticker for your vehicle or drive around the green zones. That’s how we found out about Green-Zones!

Let me know which apps you use!

I hope you find these apps useful in your travelling. Did I miss any great apps? What are your favorite apps? Write in the comments below. Sayonara!

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