Adršpach rocks in Czechia

I was looking on google maps for some places to visit, as usual just browsing through the map and checking some points that seem to be more green. And I found this crazy place I never knew about!

These rock formations are called Adršpach rocks. Just look at this place.

We did the more touristy hike to this place called Adršpašské skály. It was a 7 km hike around the rocks, you could even see a small waterfall. The hike is unfortunately not free, it costs a few euros. As I mentioned it was quite touristy and it was a bit crowded but it was still so worth it, since it was very well maintained, clean and there were even some information points where you could learn more about this place and some rocks. 

Some of these rocks even had been named. Another fun family activity on this hike in the Adršpach national park. For example this one was named the lovers. Do you see it?

This national park not only has amazing rock formation, there are also the most clear and blue lakes! Even on a cloudy day you could clearly see the colors. It was especially beautiful in autumn. We visited this place in late September so the leaves had just started to change colors. I think a couple of weeks later it would have been very beautiful too.

When you think of Czechia usually you think of Prague and other cities, I had no idea that nature was this incredible in this country. Czechia offers so many national parks with interesting rock formations. It should definitely be on your list if you plan a trip around Europe!

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